The Spirit of Batman
A short time ago, we here in the Bat Cave got a very kind email from Yvonne Craig, who any good Batman fan can tell you is the actress who so ably portrayed Police Commissioner Gordons daughter Barbara, as well as her alter ego Batgirl.  While commenting on our do-gooding efforts, she referred to the “spirit of Batman”.  

Man, that’s catchy, we thunk to ourselves.   So, in honor of her long service to the residents of Gotham, we dub our newest (and in fact our only) award...drum roll please...The Spirit of Batman Award. 

What you see is an actual operational key that will start our Batmobile.  These, along with the stylish Batmobile keychain, will be provided to sick and at risk youngsters,  with the pledge that if they present the key back to us after obtaining  their drivers license, they - accompanied a parent or guardian - may take the car for a drive.  

We hope this will give those with a tough road ahead the chance to focus on some of the brighter things in life and look forward to something fun and special in their future.  Heck, as far as we are concerned, they can take their darn drivers test in the thing.  What low level bureaucrat could flunk a kid in such a kick-butt ride?
Left:  Bet Bob Barker never gave away a car key that cool.

Above:  Our favorite Bat babe gave us some much needed inspiration.  Thanks, Yvonne!!